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I'ma whore out the new site I work for since many people I know on here enjoy that metal music and I realized not all of you follow my other blog.

Go to it! It's one of the best metal blogs around and since it allows comments on every article, you can see the best of the metalhead internet community. They are essentially dumber than multiple boxes of rocks (save for the few with working brains) but very hilarious.

We had an Iron Maiden day last week when the new record came out and every staff member wrote their own review as well as various Maiden-related articles. There was an interview with Derek Riggs and a link to a new live version of, "Blood Brothers," which Bruce Dickinson dedicated to Ronnie James Dio. I also did a piece on future roles I'd like to see Eddie in (Maharaja Eddie was one).

This Sunday I am interviewing... WOLF HOFFMANN FROM ACCEPT! That'll be up soon too. So if you're bored or whatever, go check it out. The guys who run it are pretty cool and this is by far my favorite music site I've worked for. People actually read it!

Groovy (yeah, it's obvious but I'm tired).
Oh hello livejournal, I don't care about you anymore. Don't worry I'll still read you, I've just met someone else. Their name is
Look! Look at my jacket! My boyfriend knows me so well, he sent me the patch and I made the jacket happen.
title or description

Flesh and blood like fire to ice, are you willing to sacrifice?
Hello internet universe, how are you this evening? I am close to pulling 48 hours straight in my apartment. It's kind of glorious just relaxing and catching up on TV shows. I'm currently watching Big Love, about a polygamist family and all their wacky adventures. It's fascinating but also horrifying because I expect most of the characters exist in real life. Crazy religious people always give me the creeps. And I belong to one of the craziest heh.

So I got accepted into the L.A. program I applied to. From mid January until the end of April I will be in Los Angeles, living at Park La Brea and hopefully interning at good places. It took a lot of screeching, arguing, mulling, crying, thinking, talking, pleading but finally Elliot and I agreed it was a good idea that I take it. On Dec. 13th I'm going home to see family, drop my kitty off (they don't allow cats, and I could live "off-campus" but I don't want to be myself in a city I don't know), bawl like a soggy fool that I'm leaving my Egglet, get to see my two best friends that I haven't seen together in 3 years since we all live too far away from each other, and then back to Boston with Elliot for a couple days of good-byes and then LA. He's going to come with me for a few days to help me get settled. I hope this all works out. He'll go back to Iraq while I'm there and that's a lot of distance and a 10 hour time difference.

I'm learning to drive. I had a two hour lesson on Friday and I have 4 more 2-hour classes this week. So far I have not killed anyone nor crashed into anything. It'll be hard to get around in LA without a car so I decided it was finally time. But if I can get away with not doing it, I will. Though, having a jolly Russian man call me honey and praise me when I don't slam into pedestrians is quite uplifting.

I've created a new blog over at blogspot. I got inspired by thelastpauline 's blog and a bunch of other peoples' fashion blogs and it's something I've always wanted to so I went ahead and set it up. Now I have to get it going. Once it's humming along I'll probably update more over there than here but I'll keep this to stay in touch with people. The address

Oh and I went out "dancing" again. My friends are awesome, it's going to be fucking hard to say bye bye.

Yeah, they're probably at 90s Night.
The best way to go to a hipster dance club is with 7 guys flanking you. Oh yeah, did that.

And some douche still had the balls to come talk to me. He was like 40. Why do older men always hit on me, it's creepy. I think he said I had nice hair. I don't know it was loud and I immediately went and stood in between my burly male friends and well, you'd have to be King Dense of Dense Forest not to get that I'm not interested after that.

Oh and I had the best cab driver ever since it was too late to take the T. He was from India and absolutely fell in love with me for gushing about his country before I even knew that's where he was from. My next cab ride is apparently for free.

I like my friends. I like my friends more when they convince me to do silly things like dance in public. I don't want to move far away from them. Why can't we all have the jobs we want and have nice lives all within walking distance of each other? Including Elliot. Is that too much to ask?

We also watched Bronson (not about Charles Bronson) and had pie before heading out.

Time to shower, drag my kitty to bed, and sleep nicely. If I'm up early tomorrow, I'm going down to Fat Ram's, the only other good tattoo place in Boston I haven't been to. Just to talk. We'll see.

Goodnight internet-land, you're sketchy but also bring me nice people that come visit me.

Have some cucumber water.
There's an Iron Maiden shirt on ebay and I want it so badly. I want it so much that I sent the seller a message asking please just let me buy it now. The Iron Maiden logo is written in pink. IN PINK. I found others of the same design but those had bids starting at 65$ and excuse me, a year-old concert shirt is not vintage. The one I'm bidding on is not only a size small but starts at 10$ and I'm the only bidder and I want it, I want it, I WANT IT.

I did win a fake vintage Judas Priest shirt though but I don't care that it's fake as I've wanted the design for so long and it was only 5$. I also won an excellent David Bowie poster from the Outside era and I've never seen the picture before and I love it.

I also put a dent in my checking account at other sites but I figure it's birthday money as no one in my family got me presents but gave me money. Except my sister who got me two gorgeous pendants; a stone with a carving of a beautiful elephant on it and one that's a teardrop lapis lazuli, and my parents who got me a lapis lazuli and gold bracelet along with giving me money. Yeah they all got me lapis jewelry without even discussing it, coincidences are nice.

It's Elliot's birthday today and later this month is our "anniversary." We both think its kind of silly to celebrate that so we just combine birthdays and anniversaries and all that jazz because everything is in September. Unfortunately, in the (almost) 4 years we've been together I think we've actually been in the same location once. Oh well, I'll be in Boston soon and hopefully he'll be coming for a visit and we can have another completely fun weekend. Like last time when my sister was there and I got to see Robocop for the first time at a friend's house followed by The Thing. Then the next day was filled with delicious foods and Alien at the Brattle in the afternoon, G.I. Joe in the evening (worst movie ever. But never have I had more fun in a theater, Mike Howard has won a permanent place in my heart. And by my side during movies). Stupid hang-out times are probably the most fun I have with friends. Oh there was bubble tea and the most atrocious Blondie/Pat Benatar concert that weekend as well. Let's just say, Debbie Harry covered the Titanic song and leave it at that.

I also really love the band Amorphis now, one of my on-a-whim music purchases this summer, but it really gets on my nerves the way it's spelled. I also have an Amorphis shirt now too thanks to my bootleg metal shirt stores and their sales. I swear, the only clothes I own are jeans and band shirts. Throw in the occasional dress, fancy and everyday, and that's about it.

I almost forgot, I interviewed Hardcore Superstar! It wasn't a phone interview though. I had to write down the questions and send them to their manager who sent it to the drummer and then the answers made their way back to me. However, since we had so much phone drama and I got fed up, I wrote the questions in my normal tone, not my, "professional writer," tone, so they were complete with commentary and me not-so-subtly hitting on them as my editor seemed to think. Pssshhh, asking if I can take them out for a drink if they ever came to Boston or Istanbul is not a line. Plus it made it a lot more interesting than the standard boring interview questions. It's up at this link if anyone is interested. My clever intro has been cut though.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, DIE if I want to.
It was my birthday yesterday. I am now 24. I AM SO OLD. Haha. It was a pretty low-key day except I had so much food and sweet things I seriously thought I would throw up at some point. Two cakes, about a million special cupcakes my mom made, various other chocolates and treats, massive amounts of food both at lunch and dinner... I got a few surprises and it's nice to be surprised. I don't mean in the, hiding-behind-furniture-waiting-for-me-to-open-the-door-and-yelling-SURPRISE way (which happened on my 20th birthday with all my college friends and was probably the best birthday of my life) but in the way that so many people took the time to send me messages. It never occurs to me that people care and would go out of there way to say happy birthday to stupid me so thank you to all of you. A few people let me down though. My cousin who I grew up with, he was basically my twin brother all throughout our childhood, hasn't called me for the past two years. He used always call right before midnight, before the day became the 14th and smugly go, "I will be the last person to say happy birthday to you." Eh whatever. It kind of upset me and I sent an angry text at 3 (oh and I also can't sleep anymore, hooray) to which he answered kind of passively which was even worse. Oh well, his entire family is a mess and I need to get used to not expecting anything from them. Still, I don't want much, but come on. I always get so excited for my birthday and then it always lets me down. Heh, I can count on one hand how many truly awesome birthdays I've had. But my mommy and daddy and sister were amazing and I can't even begin to explain the love I have for them and my next-door neighbor cousins and grandparents so really, I am a lucky girl.

Since I couldn't sleep I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (I waited for all the hype to go away before I saw it) and I quite enjoyed it. Though creepy baby man thing was creepy and made me go, "See? That's why I don't like children!" But I think it broke the curse of bad (not fun bad, truly terrible, makes me wish I never knew movies existed) movies on birthdays. My kitty curled up with me and this morning she woke me up with purrs and cuddles and scratchy, wet kisses all over my face and hair and ears.

Hardcore Superstar, my favorite band, let me down. I guess no interview. But I was asked to review two new albums that sound like music I'll enjoy so I'm looking forward to that. I'll be back in Boston on the 25th. Until then, I'm in Istanbul enjoying home.

Aww she's purring, she's happy. Then why does she look like she's about to kill me?
Lots of September babies on here. As far back as I can remember, I used to be the only person I knew born in September. This is going to be the first year I'm not in school on my birthday. Hell, it's the first time in my entire life I won't be going back to school in the fall. Weird.

I'm back home in Istanbul for now and I brought Egg with me and it has been great. My entire, and I mean entire, family has fallen in love with her. My mom coos in this thrilled, oddly kid-like voice at her, my sister shrieks every time she does anything vaguely cute, my dad calls her Miu Miu and yells at me to let her sleep in their room...I could go on. We took her with us to our summer home in southern Turkey and she was so happy sleeping in the sun and waiting for various people sneak up to see her throughout the day like my cousins and grandmother. I got to swim in my wonderful Aegean sea and spend a week hiding from the sun. I hate the sun but I love the sea so damn much it kind of doesn't make sense. I have successfully retained my corpse-like pallor though the allergies did flare up in a red, itchy rash all over my arms. Who is allergic to the sun? Really?

I've started the application process to this program called Writer in Hollywood. My grad school offers it and if I get in I'll be in L.A. at least for a few months starting January. For now I'm home, I'll be back in Boston after my birthday as I'm tired of spending it alone so might as well get attention from my family. I've watched and caught up on so many good TV shows. Chuck is probably my favorite followed by How I Met Your Mother, and grudgingly, True Blood. I went from laughing hysterically at it, mockingly I might add, to waiting impatiently for it to come online so I can get my weekly fix. Dexter is all right, but I didn't get completely glued to the screen until the last couple episodes of the first season. I wouldn't spend money on it but I would watch the rest, probably with Josh if he's willing. I'm waiting for The United States of Tara to finish downloading because I'm curious about what Diablo Cody came up with for Showtime and so I can be jealous of/scoff condescendingly at her. I'm also all caught up on five seasons of Weeds after I watched the first season with my cousin and sister. It reeeally went downhill after the third.

Oh and I get to interview Hardcore Superstar on August 30th. No big deal. BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK YEAH.

I love how this apartment works to cut me off from the only people I don't want to be cut off from.
My boyfriend, you know the one that I won't be seeing for six months, surprised me this weekend. My entire family was in on it. He had planned on coming up to Boston to see me and then the whole week before he kept hedging and saying he might not be able to make it because of work stuff. My family pitched in by asking me if he was coming, and my dad even jokingly offered to beat him up when I said probably not. When in fact, they knew he was coming. Friday I kept sending texts trying to be "tricky" to see if he would answer because the only reason he wouldn't answer would be...if he was on the plane. Well he answered and I was disappointed. Turned out, I sent it right when he was in the cab. He came up behind me in the hotel and grabbed me from behind. Apparently my face was a vision to behold. We were having drinks in the lobby with my sister's friend and her mom and they started laughing and so did I because my first thoughts were, "Holy hell why is the waiter grabbing me?!" Elliot was still in his grown-up business suit. We had a lovely couple days and Egg was overjoyed that she had both her human pets back. But now he's gone and I'm sad and I started thinking about the fall and how I'm going to be living alone, the same situation I was in when I started grad school two years ago, and pretty much had the worst panic attack in a while. Haha, it was a perfect emo movie moment when I saw he was online and then my heart plummeted when I realized it was just his old computer he'd left plugged in here. Heh, luckily (for me) my Elliot forgot his credit cards at home so I raced to the airport and got another last-minute hug and reassurance that I'm going to be okay. I guess I am. And there's no way around it, I need to start writing again. Hello purring kitty perched on my shoulder, how perceptive and kind you are.

Maybe I'll see him next weekend. If not then I will do my best to go the weekend after to DC. And then the last weekend I'm here, maybe we'll convince him to come, if he hasn't left for training stuff, and we'll sneak him into Blondie.

We started watching Flight 666 and left it halfway so we can finish it up together, next time we meet. It's quite good so far and it hit me again how much I love Iron Maiden and how far beyond the music it goes. I want to hang out with them! It's also a band that's very "us" but in a weird way, such a deep connection to other friends as well. I think they're pretty much how I ended up getting to be friends with two of my closest buddies from Emerson.

This is probably the most whiny, angsty, personal entry I've ever written. I promise it won't happen again.

I'm not listening to anything that would make a good title.
- Got a new apartment, it is nice. Moving in will commence soon. As shall decorating. Have already planned the living room to be girly with metal poster accents. Got a bed and couch today and that's basically all the new furniture I need.
- Old apartment is gross, especially by comparison. Smells musty.
- Family has been in town, have been staying with them at hotel, sharing a room with my sister. Last night we had cookies and chex mix for dinner as parents are still jetlagged and we didn't get hungry until late and only Shaws was open.
- Took them to the aquarium today. The jellyfish were cool. I would like to punch a giant fish one day. Not because I don't like fish, I do, they just look punch-able. Like some people's faces look (ahem Megan from Rock of Love).
- The trailer for Orphan freaked me out even though I love Peter Saarsgard. Another reason why small children need to stay far, far away from me. And pbbbt I already know the twist ending.
- Though, the tagline, "What's wrong with Esther made me laugh." Because that is Madonna's Kabbalah name.
- True Blood is funny, I have a crush on the Swedish one.
- L.A. Ink is on TV right now. There is a new lady who looks like a drag queen. Not in a good way, she needs to tone down the make-up.
- The artists I like don't seem to be on it anymore. Now I have no reason to watch it for the "art."
- I have not watched American TV (besides online episodes of shows) in a long time. The commercials are still terrible.
- There is an infomercial on for something called a Bumpit. You put it under your hair and it gives you more volume. It's fucking idiotic.
- Did you know with the Vibro-Belt you can look better than you did 20 years ago? I could be in better shape than when I was 3!
- The Golden Girls are awesome. Rose reminds me of my grandma. Not because she's dumb but they both have the same pleasant, calming aura.
- I can tell people's auras even if they're on TV.
- Oh there is another new chick on L.A. Ink, I think she's from Rock of Love, WHAT A COINCIDENCE. She is still useless. Ooo she's talking shit, dramas gonna go dooown. Kat Von D is such a tool. I used to like her too.
- I had delicious Indian food and they know me at the restaurant now. Masala chai is one of my favorite things.
- That is all.
- For now.

We hide from reality, mad people need no company.
I hate myspace but I have an account for music writing stuffs. I think I'm on some sleaze rock list as in the past month like 9 bands have wanted to "be my friend." The newest one is Parasite City from, oh surprise, Finland. They're not half-bad actually.

I'm supposed to turn in a column every two weeks but I've turned in two that haven't been posted yet (one on heavy metal ABBA and another on music videos vs. MTV)and another one was due this week but I'm not going to do it because they'll just sit rotting in my "boss's" inbox. I should bring it up and also inquire about getting paid as he said after 3 month trial if it seemed to be working out I could be getting a small compensation. It's been over 3 months but I am passive and can't do that stuff so I'll just bitch about it here.

The new Hardcore Superstar is wonderful. I'm amazed at how they keep getting better when most bands just do the opposite. I emailed my other writing gig dude and asked if I could review them and he said sure and it's up now at I'm a "guest writer," now apparently. I used to have a staff profile up and everything. Oh well, writing this review, even though it was a good review of a band I love, still confirmed how much I dislike reviewing music.

I finished Weeds and now I'm waiting for the third season to download. Stupid slow downloading computer. I'm also keeping up with the unfortunately addictive idiocy that is True Blood but meh, so far this season blows. I did love when Bill yelled, "Shut up," at Sookie. She deserves it, sniveling whiny female who keeps running off when IT'S CLEARLY A DUMB IDEA TO DO SO IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DARK, SCARY WOODS. I also made my little cousin watch Bam Margera's wedding show since we used to watch Viva La Bam together along with my sister. Heh I also used to watch VLB when I couldn't sleep at night and it was so funny coming to college and meeting people who'd have watching parties. Yes, I am secretly a teenage boy.

Tomorrow I'm meeting my darling best friend who I haven't seen since January for lunch and shopping. Her 15 year old brother might come along and my 17 year old sister might come along and cue hilariously awkward times. I really need to do more stuff because I only update when I have nothing to do and that's not interesting and I just wrote an essay about nothing at all.

Enjoy the ugly men that bring my ears so much joy.
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