Gypsy Boots

My reputation preceeds me, I always get what's mine in time

Cold Ethyl
13 September 1985
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1960s, alice cooper, army of darkness, batman, bats, behemoth, belly dancing, black and white photos, british comedy, cats, catwoman, comics, crash kelly, david bowie, dead rock stars, detroit rock city, egypt, fairy tales, fenerbahce, flappers, fog, glam rock, groupies, hair, hair metal, hanoi rocks, harajuku, hardcore superstar, hieroglyphics, history, horror, india, indian jewelry, iran, istanbul, istiklal street, kapali carsi, lace, lightening storms, madonna, making clothes, mermaids, metal, metal sludge, mortal kombat, mummies, music journalism, my family, mythology, mötley crüe, nazar boncuklari, ninja turtles, old movie posters, peacock feathers, persian tear drops, pin-up girls, queen, sewing, sleaze rock, smart metal boys, snakes, space, t. rex, tattoos, tea, the linguini incident, the misfits, the moon, the muppet show, the sweet, the wildhearts, traveling, turkiye, turtles, tyr, uschi obermaier, vampires, viking metal, winter, zombies
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